Megadeth guitarist pelted with rocks, and why not!

Megadeth were forced to end their set at Croatian festival MetalFest earlier this week after singer Dave Mustaine was pelted with rocks.

The thrash veterans, who were performing on the event’s Main Stage on Tuesday (June 5), left the stage after Mustaine was struck repeatedly with rocks, including one that him in the head.

The stones were thrown amid chants from the crowd demanding that ’80s hair metallers WASP appear after rumours spread that WASP frontman Blackie Lawless had refused to perform at the event following an argument with Mustaine. This remains unconfirmed.

After the band left the stage, a spokesman for the band appeared and said: “Guys, Dave’s been hit in the head with a rock.”

He was drowned out with calls for WASP before adding: “I apologise. He’s been hit in the head.” He endured his own barrage of missiles before leaving the stage.

But it’s not a real surprise that Megadeth were pelted with rocks because…well…they’re shit.

Even in Metal world…they are just plain shit. To be honest, it would have been an even better idea to have everyone who goes to see Thrash Metal festivals pelted with rocks…yes, that’s right,…have all Thrash Metal fans anhialated. Then there would be no-one to keep these shitty bands in business.

I know it won’t happen, but, it’s a dream I once had…

by Wallace McTavish


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