Lip Up Fatty – Bad Manners are coming to Oz

Bad Manners are touring Australia.

Buster Bloodvessel  is still bald, has still got a fat tongue…but he has lost some weight.

Bad Manners were founded in 1976 in North London and had nine top 40 singles between 1980 and 1983.


Buster has struggled with Morbid Obesity and had a gastric bypass installed in 2004.

It seemed to work. He was 196 kg’s, and lost 114 kg’s – now weighing in at 82 kilo’s.

I used to work near London Bridge with a woman, Hilary. She’s the mum of one of the horn section…I think it was the trumpet player. I did meet him on a social occasion once (I can’t for the life of me remember his name). He was a nice bloke, you know, normal, working class values…you know, normal.

His mum, Hilary, used to tell me, ‘The whole band was mates through school’, ‘…in the school holidays, I would go down the road to get some fags – they were only 10 years old, you could leave kids on their own years ago’, ‘…anyway, I’d be gone about 15 minutes. I’d get back, and they would have totally wrecked the front room’.

But she also said, ‘ They were a right bunch of bastards…but they were lovely’.

I suppose you have to go and see them.

You’re not going to get songs with lyrics such as, ‘Lorraine punched me on the nose, so I slapped her round the head, then we talked the whole thing through, and went straight to bed’,  from the not-so-poignant ‘Lorraine.

special-brewAnd the song ‘Special Brew’, some of the lyrics are, ‘I love you, yes I do, coz I know that you love-a me too’ – which is dedicated to the beer that the band drank. By the way, Special Brew lager is, from what I remember, around 9%…and has a consistency of treacle…but it does get you pissed.

Lip Up Fatty is just a classic, and Walking In The Sunshine is simply wonderful.

If not for the music, then at least for the fun-factor.

When you go to see Bad Manners, I can safely say that you’ll definitely leave with a smile on your face.

So go on…enjoy yourselves.


Wallace McTavish 

Dates below:

29 Oct 2016 – The Basement, Sydney, NSW

2nd Nov 2016 – Republic Bar, Hobart, TAS

3rd Nov 2016 – Corner Hotel, Richmond, VIC

4th Nov 2016 – Main Room, The Gov, Hindmarsh, SA

5th Nov 2016 – Rosemount Hotel, Perth, WA

6th Nov 2016 – Newport Hotel, Fremantle, WA


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