Liam gets catty with Noel

Liam Gallagher has named his cat “Lazy Our Kid” …having a go at his big ‘3 chord-wonder’ brother Noel.

The pair fell out when Oasis split in 2009. But there are signs the ice may be thawing.

When asked what he thought of Noel referring to Liam’s new band Beady Eye as “Stratford’s finest tribute band” following their performance at the Olympics closing ceremony, the singer said: “I thought that was pretty funny.

“Life’s too short to get hung up on things like that.

“I had a great night and met a lot of people you don’t normally meet. I met the Spice Girls, who were great.”

Liam admitted he even acknowledged Noel after the ceremony having later bumped into him.

He said: “I met our kid. That was nice. No, we didn’t talk much. We had a nod and a wink.”

by Wallace McTavish


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