Liam Gallagher turns 40…in a tuxedo

For years he has been the bad boy of the British music scene with a nonchalant attitude and outspoken opinions.

But Liam Gallagher may have just grown up as he celebrated his 40th birthday on Friday night at Whiskey Mist, in London.

The Mancunian was suited and booted as he and his celebrity mates hit the popular venue for a long and expensive evening.

Liam looked rather dapper in a black tuxedo which he wore with a black bow-tie and white shirt.

Of course the rock star didn’t do things completely straight and added his own twist to the smart –outfit by having his shirt untucked.

With his long side burns and cool retro hairstyle, Liam looked like the lord of the manor as he stood outside the venue with arms spread out.

A source said: ‘Liam isn’t shy about hitting the big 4-0. He’s got all his friends and family down for a tear-up.

‘He’s had a brilliant week over in Madrid doing some business with Pretty Green and had a belter of a night out. He’s starting a new decade in his life with a bang.’

The former Oasis front man had arrived in a large silver cab accompanied by his wife and former All Saints star Nicole Appleton, but his brother Noel was absent.

Nicole, 37, looked lovely in a black and grey strapless dress as she joined family and friends at the trendy shindig.

Her sister Natalie Appleton, 39, also attended the event and seemed more than a little worse for wear as she left.

The mother-of-two was in good company as the birthday boy had also thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Liam emerged from the nightclub bleary eyed as he posed for photographs with some keen fans.

by Wallace McTavish



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