Lawyer’s alter ego aims for Pop Charts

An Australian lawyer who for years has traded her staid court robes and wig for fur and lycra to sing pop tunes in her off hours is chasing every musician’s dream – breaking into the top 10 of the music charts.

Bowie Jane

“Luv Bomb” is the debut single by “Bowie Jane”, the 27-year-old’s musical alter ego, who is at the high point of a double life she has kept secret for more than four years.

“Of course my close friends were aware … but generally it hasn’t been too hard to keep the two separate,” said Bowie Jane, declining to reveal her real name.

“I dress differently in court and I don’t have a fringe. On stage you wouldn’t pick it was the same person.”

Passionate about music all her life, she originally wanted to pursue it as a career but went to university and became a lawyer to please her parents, who wanted her to have something practical to fall back on.

A typical day involved arriving at court, meeting with clients and preparing a case before racing off in the evening for her shows. Once, she had to leave early to get to her performance on the main stage at the Australian Open tennis.

“I’d perform, then go home with a husky voice, rest and get up and do court the next day,” she said.

The hectic double life occasionally has led to her wearing her stage costumes under her legal robes.

“I really have to flick my mind from one mode to the other. I am very serious in court and on stage I am the complete opposite,” she said.


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