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Kylie shows Cheryle Cole how it’s done

Kylie Minogue showed Cheryl Cole how it’s done last night as she danced and sang LIVE in skimpy hot pants. She got a standing ovation with new single Timebomb.

Kylie sang her latest track Timebomb to celebrate 25 years in the music industry.

An eyewitness in the audience said: “Kylie was definitely singing live and it really showed up the electronic sounds on Cheryl Cole’s track. Her experience really showed. Cheryl Cole needs to watch and learn.”

Kylie performed on UKTV along with Cheryl Cole. Kylie easily showed her class and experience in the business. To be honest, Cheryl Cole is just tits and arse…ok…she’s got nice legs as well. But Our Kylie has all that, along with the talent for entertaining and performing.

She said: “Be truly yourself, fight hard and don’t berate yourself if things don’t go as planned. Just stick in there.”

by Wallace McTavish

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