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Ke$ha talks about bisexuality

Ke$ha has opened up about her own bisexuality in in the February issue of the magazine, Seventeen.

‘I don’t love just men. I love people,’ the 25-year-old pop star revealed. ‘It’s not about a gender. It’s just about the spirit that exudes from that other person you’re with.’

And in Ke$ha’s new video for Die Young, the five-foot-nine blonde is seen half naked writhing with both men and women in the bondage-inspired clip.

But for the mag’s cheery photo shoot, the Tik Tok singer washes off her glitter and appears fresh-faced nuzzling a kitten with her platinum locks topped with a pink rose headband.

The LGBT activist, born Kesha Rose Sebert, takes a strong stance against bullying.gay

‘I’m all about standing up to gay/lesbian/transgender bullying, but it’s also about my little brother,’ said Ke$ha.

‘He’s 13 and he gets made fun of because he has a stutter. I just have zero tolerance for people making fun of others.’

n another Seventeen image, the wild child of pop looks polished in a cropped purple motorcycle jacket, lips T-shirt, and snow leopard skinny jeans.

It’s a far cry from her usual hard-partying, scantily-clad persona, which she recently showcased in a racy photoshoot for her new album Warrior.

Ke$ha was last seen doing cartwheels in a gold-encrusted leotard in New York City’s Times Square for the official New Year’s celebrations.

Ke$ha, whose new memoir is called My Crazy Beautiful Life, also talked about how she used to let negativity motivate her.

‘I still do. I remember every person who told me I couldn’t do something or that I was ugly or too fat,’ she told Seventeen.

‘I have a ‘shit list’ — people from my past who have been soulless and judgmental. Even after I got through my awkward phase, got my braces off, and figured out how to dress my body, people in the music business were like, “You’re never going to make it.”

‘I see them now and I’m like, “Ha!” That’s one of the reasons I named my record Warrior. You can be a victim and let that eat your soul, or you can say, “You’re going on my list and I’m going to prove you wrong!”‘

by Wallace McTavish

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