Jerry Lee Lewis marries again

Jerry Lee Lewis has tied the knot for the seventh time.

The ‘Great Balls Of Fire’ singer married Judith Brown, the ex-wife of a cousin, at a quiet ceremony in Natchez, Mississippi. Brown, who is in her early sixties and Lewis have spent the past three weeks touring Mississippi and Louisiana.

His new wife said she has been the singer’s carer for two years. She was formerly married to Lewis’ cousin Rusty. They divorced in 2010.

Rusty’s older sister, Myra Gale Brown, also married Lewis in 1957 when she was 13, which was a major scandal for the singer at the time. She was his third wife and they were married for 13 years.

Lewis’ last marriage ended in 2004 when he divorced Kerrie McCarver after they spent 20 years together.

In 2010, Lewis announced a book deal with It Books, an imprint of HarperCollins. Alberto Rojas, director of publicity for It Books, said¬†that the book deal is still on and that Lewis’ memoir will be released in 2013.

by Wallace McTavish


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