James is a gormless looking Blunt with horse-teeth

By Wallace McTavish

James Blunt averted World War 3 when he was a soldier.

Not only has he got a set of teeth that a Melbourne Cup runner would be proud of, but he’s also a fucking idiot.

Blunt was a cavalry officer during the Balkans conflict when he was ordered to destroy 2000 troops.

Let’s face it, he could pretty much destroy anything with those teeth.

Better still…get him to start singing and then everybody would immediately surrender. Anything to shut that Blunt up.

The Russians seized control of an airport in Kosovo and Blunt was told to remove the Russians by any means.

Nato’s US general, Wesley Clark, was backed by Britains general, Sir Mike Jackson. Blunt told them both that he was not going to start World War 3 for them.

How can the British Army let someone join who looks as gormless as Blunt does.

The singer left the army in 2002 to pursue a music career and had a hit with, ‘You’re Beautiful’, which should have been renamed, ‘I’m a Blunt with big fuck-off horse teeth’.


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