I’ll tell you the REAL reasons why George Michael is touring again

George Michael on his decision to do a tour was, “I’m going back on tour for recovery from grief and self abuse. After my recent troubles I felt this was what I really wanted to do”.

What he meant was, “I need to go back on the road because I’ve been off my chops for years and I’ve spent all my money on drugs”.

It’s plain and simple…short and sweet. But he has indulged in a lot of expensive shit and I’m sure he’s not skint. But we all get to a certain age and start to realise that we may not be earning what we are now say in ten years time. Because he won’t be pulling crowds in like Frank Sinatra did when he was seventy years old. Barbara Streisand still attracts lots of fans. But, even though George has a wonderful voice…he’s just not classic enough…and probably never will be.

So he’s decided to make the most of what he has while he still has the chance. That, and to fill his enormous ego. Or maybe George is growing up…well, that would make him boring and unglamorous…and he couldn’t be that, heaven forbid.

by Wallace MvTavish


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