How the fuck do you confuse Cheryl Cole with Sheryl Crow?

Cheryl Cole hopes to crack the USA, but her hopes might’ve come to a stand still.

The trouble is because Americans are getting her confused with Sheryl Crow.

But the good news is that the confusion will soon be over. As soon as Cheryl Cole opens her gob to sing…I think everyone will know the difference. I can’t believe the Americans could confuse a wonderful singer and artist with a talentless singer who hasn’t got a clue about…well, pretty much anything to do with music.

I do find it hard to believe that the Americans would get confused over this. But I suppose it must be difficult to concentrate when you’re eating for 20 hours of the day…Americans…fat AND thick.

Yeah, we know that Cheryl Cole is sexy, but Sheryl Crow is far sexier than the Irish lip-syncer. Cheryl Cole looks like a million other girls whereas Sheryl Crow is a one in a million.

by Wallace McTavish


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