How big is Hugh Laurie’s pianist?

After playing the title role in medical drama House, it’s weird to see Dr Hou…sorry, Hugh Laurie clean shaven and not limping.

His debt album of covers, Let Them Talk, shows he’s an accomplished blues and jazz pianist with a deep singing voice well suited to the music.

His hilarious self mocking song intros are as near we’ll get to seeing the old comedy partner of Stephen Fry doing stand up these days. And given the standing ovation he got when he recently performed…many seem to have enjoyed this different type of House music.

But it’s just a novelty…watching an actor/comedian sing a few songs. The audience can go back to their homes and put on Facebook, “Saw Dr House…and, you know…he can actually sing…”

The fact of the matter is…it doesn’t matter if he can OR can’t sing. It’s just that folk find it hard to believe that a person can be talented at more than one thing. If he threw a few jokes in, the audience who just know him as an actor would be even more astounded.

On a more personal note. A mixture of cover songs…blues…jazz…is just a recipe for me to go and throw up violently for three days, then when I start to feel better, start stabbing myself uncontrollably with a fairly sharp knife.

Hugh, no one cares if you can sing, act or tell jokes…so I don’t know what you’re trying to prove. You probably have a very small penis.

by Wallace McTavish


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