Hooray for hopeful teenagers…The Saturdays Mollie is single

The Saturdays singer Mollie King has split from her long term boyfriend Andy Brown, and is having to deal with the break up while touring.

In all honesty it’ll probably help her being on tour…keep her mind off things.

I’m told the partying is a result of a busy work schedules which put a strain on the relationship.

A source said, “Mollie is sad but it’s an amicable separation and hopefully they will stay mates”.

The news will come as shock to fans of the band because she had dated Andy for two years and they were planning to move in together.

But for the teenage dream of one day meeting the “pop-star woman of your dreams”…it’s got to be a GREAT thing that she’s now single.

Don’t worry you spotty little herberts…you’ve still got a chance.

by Wallace McTavish


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