Good For Nothing Hard-Fi are back with a great single

It’s a punchy comeback single. Full of pop-sense without being…well…shit like most pop music that has been released in recent times.

But Hard-Fi needed a good comeback song after they’ve had a spell in the wilderness.

Their new single, Good For Nothing is ever so slightly arrogant, in a far better way than that over-rated band Kasabian pretend to be. It also has the grooviness of the Gorillaz and these Brentford fans MUST admit to being fans of, or at least being a tad influenced by, Primal Scream. They sound nothing like them and don’t even aspire to be them, but Get Your Rocks Off can be heard in there somewhere.

Killer Sounds (their third album), will be released some time this year.

However, the 34-year-old guitarist and principal songwriter with Hard-Fi, Richard Archer, admitted that he had been listening to New Yorker Jay-Z when composing the track…which is perhaps why it has “a lot” in common with 99 Problems, although he did add that he made “enough changes not to be sued”.

Richard says that, “when I wrote the tune”, he used a “sample” of 99 Problems “just to get it off the ground, so that’s why it probably sounds a lot like” Jay-Z’s track.

I’m glad they’re back…can’t wait for the album.

by Wallace McTavish


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