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George Michael ‘skins-up’ a Royal Wedding song

Royal Wedding fans – the wait is over.

Finally the biggest kept secret of the wedding of the year has been revealed – no it’s not who is designing Kate’s dress but actually the song George Michael has covered as a gift to the lucky bride and groom.

The singer revealed last week that he was working on the cover of a ‘beautiful’ seventies love song for Prince William and his bride-to-be but was keeping it firmly under wraps.

The song – which is available to download from his website as from now – is none other than Stevie Wonder’s You and I.

And apparently the couple are very pleased with the track and have given it the Royal seal of approval.
The Faith singer tweeted yesterday: ‘As it turns out, while I was singing I got a text saying they liked the song – which is the only green light I cared about! Hooray!! What a fantastic day. I’ll go to bed a happy, lucky man.’

Generously, the singer has painstakingly insisted that he is not providing a song for the biggest event of the year for promotional gains for himself. Oh no, it is all done as a ‘genuine gift’ for Wills and Kate. 

He tweeted, ‘I could have put it out on georgemichael.com but I want Will and Kate to know that this a genuine gift, not a promo exercise. So I called the man who first tweeted me, (Piers Morgan!) and asked him to help me make good my twitter promise!’

Turns out the song IS available to download from his website – as well as CNN who helped him publicise the song – but he then directs listeners and fans to make a donation to the Royal Wedding charity.

George Michael had a close friendship with Princess Diana after they met at the AIDS Trust Charity Concert of Hope. He later sensationally revealed that the late princess had a crush on the gay singer.

Once the song was complete, he tweeted: ‘I’m REALLY happy with it… and I know Diana would have approved. She had a copy of Older 4 months before any of you lot!’

And moments later – should anyone have missed the part about he and Diana being friends – he wrote: ‘Diana and my Mum. The albums first listeners. They gave me excellent reviews, but then they would have.’

Perhaps the song is a way for the singer to make amends with Prince William after snubbing a request for him to do a duet with Elton John at one of Princess Diana’s Christmas parties.

The reason? He said at the time that he ‘just can’t deal with singing in front of small crowds’.

Earlier this week, the British singer teased his Twitter followers about what the song was going to be telling them it was ‘written by a genius’ and would be ‘heartbreaking’, later revealing that Stevie Wonder had given him the go ahead to use it.

The song debuted on Piers Morgan Tonight at 9pm on Friday night – local time.

Morgan told him: ‘It’s a beautiful song and I’m thrilled you’ve given us this global scoop.’

But the 47-year-old, jailed last year for crashing his car into a shop while high on cannabis, is not after a wedding invitation.

Just to put the Queen’s mind at rest he made sure to tweet this as soon as the idea even came into his head, writing: ‘I’m not angling for an invite people. They should be with the people they love, not dodgy ex-con pop stars’.

by Wallace McTavish

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