Gallaghers legal battle is on…over fuck all

The legal fight between Noel Gallagher and brother Liam is back on.

Liam filed a lawsuit earlier this summer after his brother said in a press conference that he had pulled out of a headline performance at V Festival in 2009 due to a hangover, and that the band’s split was in part down to an argument over whether he could advertise his clothing firm Pretty Green in the band’s tour programme. He then said he had dropped the suit when Noel offered an apology and admitted that Liam had been suffering from a throat infection when he shelved the band’s planned show at V Festival.

But now, Noel has hit back, filling a lengthy court submission in which he accuses his brother of leaving abusive voicemail messages on his wife Sara’s phone and trying to attack him with a guitar.

In the court documents, Noel describes his brother’s behaviour during his time in Oasis as “irresponsible”. With one excerpt reading: “The claimant (Liam) had a history over the years of not only throat problems and of pursuing such an incompatible lifestyle, but of treating Oasis fans and the defendant with disrespect by disrupting gigs, including walking off stage, assaulting them and generally acting irresponsibly.”

Noel also says that although he accepts his brother had contracted laryngitis before their cancelled V Festival show, he also insists that Liam had been up drinking and smoking until at least 1am the night before.

The emergence of the court documents are expected to make Liam Gallagher resume his lawsuit, which is likely to come to court in 2012.

A spokesperson for both men declined to comment on the court documents. Noel made the comments that have initially caused his brother to take legal action in a press conference.

by Wallace McTavish


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