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Gaga might get shit thrown at her for wearing fur

Lady Gaga could face being pelted with faeces and paint by animal rights activists PETA over her decision to continue to wear fur in public.

Despite being praised in the past by the organisation for her ant-fur stance, the animal rights pressue group branded Gaga a “turncoat” last month after she was seen sporting a number of fur coats in public. They also labelled both her and Rihanna as “freaks” in a separate statement.

The singer’s continued decision to wear fur out in public could make her a target for some unpleasant missiles from PETA activists, with a source telling the paper: “I’m hearing they are going to try and personally attack Gaga — spraying her with paint or even throwing feces at her.”

It’s also been reported that the singer’s decision to sport a burqa to designer Philip Treacy’s show during London Fashion Week along with a bag bearing the word ‘Cunt’ has upset several Muslim pressure groups.

Another source told the paper of the singer’s attire: “That comes across as a clear insult to Muslims and Islam.”

by Wallace McTavish

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