Gaga gets spanked

Lady Gaga gets spanked by a scantily-clad girl in a new online clip.

The pop star pokes her bum in the direction of two hot-tub hotties, one of whom duly obliges by slapping each of Gaga’s cheeks.

The 15-second teaser for new tune Cake…shot by celebrated photographer Terry Richardson…begins with the singer crawling up to the camera in her underwear.

She ensures her boobs take centre-stage as moves seductively on all fours.

The action then cuts to the sight of Gaga’s bare back and drenched pants in the bath, where her frisky female friends playfully get to work on her derriere.

The chart titan is then seen dancing braless in a jumper and knickers before the promo ends with the song title “CAKE” dominating the screen.

by Wallace McTavish

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