Foos think they suck…and they could be right

Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters has said that he and his band think they “suck”.

The frontman also said that Foo Fighters are a “really simple band” and that they still feel like the “five dorks” that they were when the band formed. Speaking to Billboard, Grohl said: “You have to understand, we’re a really simple band. We think we suck and we try really hard to make good records and we practice. We don’t feel like the biggest, best band in the world. We just feel like the same five dorks that were touring in a van 17 years ago, that hasn’t changed.”

Dave…I couldn’t have said it better myself…although, you don’t really suck. As I’ve said before, Wasting Light is probably your best one ever. You do seem to be getting better and better. Or, are you just saying that you suck so you can get more addoration by the thickest of fans saying, “Oh no Dave, the Foos don’t suck…you’re just wonderful and fucking super…”

Well I hope that ain’t the truth Dave. The Foos have come too far…and yes you are a good band, but I wish you’d just shut the fuck up about whether or not you think you’re good or how wonderful your family life is. You think your band sucks? Well most of your fans have to get up and go to work, and do a job that they fucking hate, go home to the many bills that they will struggle to pay…that my friend, sucks more than your band…oh, hang on a minute…compared to the Foos, maybe it doesn’t.

The former Nirvana drummer said that rock is currently “overlooked”. He explained: “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with rock at all. It’s overlooked. And right now, the current musical climate is not unlike it was back in 1991, right before Nirvana got popular.”

He continued: “The late ’80s was full of over-produced pop that kids had nothing to grab hold of – they had no way of connecting to this hair metal band singing about fucking strippers in a limousine on Sunset Boulevard. Who can relate to that? Then you had a bunch of formulaic pop songstress bullshit, and music was boring. And then a bunch of bands with dirty kids got on MTV and rock’n’roll became huge again. And I feel like that’s about to happen. Something’s got to give. It can’t be song contests on television for the rest of our lives.”

by Wallace McTavish


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