Elton John…pretentious or flambuoyant

Elton John has recently been interviewed by Piers Morgan for a Pommie TV show.

And, I suppose it’s quite normal for someone such as Sir Elton…you know, doing interviews for TV shows.

But here’s when Elton John becomes the flambuoyant person that he is…or is he just being a pretentious fuck head.

The requirements for his dressing room were as follows: Four large green plants, three 6ft banqueting tables with white linen cloth, plus a flower arrangement…with absolutely no chrysanthemums, lillies, carnations or daisies.

I know he’s got more money than a small continent, but is it really neccessary?

Apparently, Elton does a lot of charity work, and is a pivotal figure for raising money for numerous charities…and good for him. Playing piano is work, being adored by people is work, getting your ego carressed is work and being pampered by everyone is bloody hard work…I can tell you. I mean, what would poor ols Elton do with his “requirements”.

This old fruit wouldn’t know hard work if it was shovelled in front of his very eyes.

Listen, Elton…do us all a favour, and next time there’s a charity concert on, why don’t you just donate your “requirements” for your TV work, and all the other “requirements” for all the dressing rooms that you will be in for the next year.

Yes, I know you’re very entertaining, but please…most of us can’t stand the fact that you get on stage…and pretend to be real…because that’s all you’re doing.

And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Elton, but you’re one visit to a South American tribe away from being as big a cunt as Sting.

by Wallace McTavish


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