Damon Albarn has a new band

Most musicians have an odd side project to distract them from the day job – but Damon Albarn has about ten on the go.

He must have a nightmare trying to remember where he’s supposed to be each day.

The Blur frontman has already released an African music charity album and launched an opera, Dr Dee, so far this year.

Now he’s got a new band together with Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea and drumming legend Tony Allen.

It’s a top line-up so it’s a bit of a shame about the band name – Rocket Juice And The Moon.

The group have already played their first gigs in London and Marseille in France.

Live recordings have since been uploaded to the internet and, although there are a few too many jazz flute solos, songs like Poison are worth a listen.

Next up, Damon’s going to record a solo album.  He says it will be about “an empty club”.


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