Dad-rocker Dave Grohl…hero or bitch?

The Foo Fighters made their latest album in Dave Grohl’s garage…so he could feed his kids and take them to nursery in between recording sessions.

But despite being immersed in bottles and wet wipes, the doting dad is adamant he’s still rock ‘n’ roll.

He says, “I always wanted to be a parent but I imagined my music life would end one day, and that after that I’d get on with real life and become a father, do the things that normal people do.

“It took the longest time for me to realise, ‘Wait, you can do both!’ My hero Neil Young is a rock god who goes home to take care of his family at night. Once I realised I could be like that, I thought, ‘What am I waiting for?'”

Luckily the rest of the band, guitarists Chris Shiflett and Pat Smear, bassist Nate Mendel and drummer Taylor Hawkins, have made it easier for him. For the new album Wasting Light, they’d go over to his LA home so Dave Grohl could help his wife, model Jordyn, with four year old Violet and two year old Harper (no relation to our columnist Harry).

Grohl, 42, says, “I’d wake up at 5:30am, make breakfasts and bottles for the kids, get them dressed for school and nursery, race them there in the mini-van, pick up doughnuts on the way home for the band, vacuum the garage studio floor…and that’s before anyone showed to make the record.

“We’d finish up at 11pm, I’d have a glass of red wine, to to bed then it’s 5:30am and start again. So it was fucking exhausting but also the perfect existence because of the balance of home and work.”

Dave Grohl…you’re such a fucking hero. You make out that your shit doesn’t stink.

So you’re still a rock ‘n’ roller, are you? Well, it must be said that the new album is a good one…actually, personally think it’s one of your best ever. And your live performances are better also. At least you’ve stopped trying too hard to be a rock star on stage.

You churn out songs like Hollywood churn out movies…on a factory conveyer belt. Is that a good thing?

But it’s true, along the way, there have been some good Foo Fighter songs…but they’re not classic by any stretch of the word…not yet anyway.

And what, may I ask, is your model wife doing all of this time, while you’re running around like Superman on an extra busy day? Is she making herself beautiful for you when you peck her on the cheek before you crash out? She’s probably caught up in this synthetic world and read too many magazines that tell her women are the same as men. Don’t get me wrong, men and women are equally talented, but in different fields. They’re NOT the same. But Jordyn has obviously turned you into a bitch.

It’s admirable of you to do the “baby thing”, and we all have…really, most of us have. But we are here to listen to your music, buy your music and go and watch you perform your music. Maybe find out what the songs are about, maybe tell us what the songs are about. But we’re NOT here to listen to how much of a fucking hero you are when you do all of the domestic stuff that you do. And I bet you need more than one glass of red wine before your wife probably fucks you up the arse of an evening, you limp wristed fuck.

Is all of this necessary? Is it good for record sales? Or are you actually like this?

Kurt Cobain would be turning in his grave. I’ve seen interviews with Nirvana, and the three of you depised fake bands. I know we all get a little older and wiser and the way our thinking changes somewhat…but lay off the shit Dave, please be a rock ‘n’ roller once again, because we do love you really.

Their album’s produced by Butch Vig, who also oversaw Nirvana’s classic album Nevermind. One song, I Should Have Known, reunites Dave with Nirvana bass player Krist Novoselic for the first time since singer Kurt Cobain died in 1994.

Grohl says, “I’ve stayed friends with Krist but making a song together was a big deal. Every time I see him, we give each other a big hug and say that we love one another, because we’re both bound by the experience of being in Nirvana, and the tragedy of losing Kurt.”

Grohl mentioned that the song didn’t matter much but it was a perfect opportunity for Krist, Butch and himself in the studio.

Grohl explained, “The day after Kurt died, I woke up and thought, ‘I get to wake up today, and Kurt doesn’t’. That was a profound moment, and it’s how I live my life…I want to get as much in as I can before the lights go out.”

Grohl gives reasons for recording in his garage, “One of the reasons we made the record at my garage was so that we could all feel comfortable.”

Not that it was an entirely comfortable experience.

“There’s nothing more humbling than your daughter tapping you on the shoulder when you’re trying to record a screaming vocal. My kids have a good ear for music, and if they want to play on any of daddy’s instruments, they’re more than welcome.”

“But I’m really scared that when they grow up, they either become rock stars or date them. I know what they’re like”

By the time they grow up, you would’ve already forgotten what a rock ‘n’ roller is, Dave. You’re half way there already.

by Wallace McTavish


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