Chuck Berry collapsed on stage

VETERAN rock ‘n’ roll star Chuck Berry has collapsed on stage, prompting fears about the 84-year-old’s health.

Berry, whose 50s hits include Roll Over Beethoven and Johnny B Goode, had to be helped off stage after he collapsed over a piano.

Paramedics tried to take him to hospital but the singer insisted he did not need treatment and went back to his hotel.

He collapsed after a shambolic, out-of-tune Chicago show on Saturday.

Concert promoter Michael Petryshyn said, “Fifteen minutes into the set it went from fine to something wasn’t right. He was starting songs mid-song, then only playing 15 seconds of a song.

“All I know is he felt faint and weak.”

After initially leaving the stage while attempting to do his famous “duck walk” Berry returned briefly to tell fans he did not have the strength to continue.

Berry, who inspired both The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, still performs regularly.

by Wallace McTavish


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