Cher Lloyd releases her first single but she has zero X-Factor

Cher Lloyd has revealed a new image for the release of her first single Swagger Jagger.

Former X-Factor contestant was fuming after an unfinished version of her track leaked online. But she’s calmed down a bit now and said, “It was annoying that the demo of Swagger Jagger got leaked, but I can’t wait for everyone to hear the finished version.

“I’ve worked hard on the album and each and every track is different.”

Swagger Jagger stands out…a bit like her new image…but I’m  predicting that she won’t last. The music is very below average but who knows…a drug, lesbian, orgy, early pregnancy, nude photos, sex-tape, reality show, photos of her knickers as she get out of a car, or a drunken behaviour scandal should push sales of her album and singles up.

You don’t have to be musically talented…just talented in getting in the limelight.

And anyway…if you had the X-Factor, you wouldn’t be on a show called ‘The X-Factor.

When you enter a competition called The X-Factor, all it proves is that you’re lacking in one thing…a little thing that you can’t quite put your finger on…yes, that’s right…it’s called, an X-Factor.

Oh well, Cher Lloyd may get a bit more than fifteen minutes of fame, but she’s not giving us anything to remember…thank God.

by Wallace McTavish


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