Blunt and his bird split

Singer James Blunt is back on the singles market after splitting from his long-term girlfriend, Spanish model Sabine Vidal.

Sabine and James were together for two years and she lived with him at his villa in Ibiza. They were said to be about to get engaged.

Now James, 36, has ended the relationship and is back in London while Sabine remains in Ibiza.

To be honest…they’re not a goodlooking couple, but Blunt makes anything look shit if he’s got his mucky hands on it. I’m sure she’s nice. And if he wasn’t so rich, well, I don’t know of any girl that would have sex with that talentless, horse-looking, nasal sounding gormless cunt.

Has he got a good personality I hear you ask?…No, his personna is as drab as his songs are.

A source said, ‘After a period of being off and then on again, Sabine and James have decided to part. They are trying to remain friends because she lives in Ibiza.’

The multi-millionaire musician, who has a new album out called Some Kind Of  Trouble, is preparing for a global tour which kicks off in Glasgow next month.

Meanwhile he can look forward to consoling himself by partying in his basement in Ibiza, at his nightclub called Bluntie’s.

by Wallace McTavish


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