Billie Joe in rehab is no joke

Green Day producer Rob Cavallo has insisted that frontman Billie Joe Armstrong’s stint in rehab is “no joke”.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, the knob-twiddler – who is also the chairman of Warner Bros Records and has worked with the pop-punk veterans on classic albums such as ‘Dookie’ and ‘American Idiot’ as well as their latest LP, ‘¡Uno!’– hinted that the band’s plans for the immediate future were on hold until Armstrong had finished receiving treatment.

The band have a run of tour dates scheduled to start in November, but Cavallo said, “His rehab is no joke. He’s under medical supervision for a while to get him clean.”

Speaking about how his treatment would impact the band’s plans, meanwhile, he added, “His doctors are still evaluating. All I can say is I don’t know if we’ll see him before or after Christmas. It’s basically undetermined when he’ll be back.”

Armstrong checked himself into rehab for substance abuse last month after an onstage meltdown during the band’s performance at iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas. Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt subsequently insisted that the band had been forced to amend plans so they could “put the life of our friend in front of everything”, but was adamant that the singer would pull through despite his current issues, adding, “We’re still getting ready for the next phase.”??

Although Billie Joe is in rehab, I do think it’s strange how the media like to use the ‘rehab’ word. It’s almost as if using the rehab word will get more media coverage.

Years ago (actually not that long ago), if you had a go at some live gig you’re called…wait for it…a Rock Star.

Rehab or not, Billie Joe was absolutely fucking right. Every Green Day record that’s been released has been a hit, they’ve been the top of their game for a long time and they’re still making hit records/songs. So why should Billie and Green Day accept the last minute of some crummy show?

Good on ya Billie…I hope you get well soon.

by Wallace McTavish


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