Beastie Boy who died 2 weeks ago hailed as pioneer

Tragic Beastie Boys rapper Adam Yauch was hailed “a man of colossal talent and charisma” yesterday as New York’s senators vowed to hold a vigil in his memory.

The death of the hip-hop pioneer from lymph cancer a fortnight ago will be officially mourned by the legislature in his home city pausing in silent reflection.

A motion to honour the 47-year-old — better known as “MCA” — was passed at the insistence of state senator Daniel Squadron, who represents the Brooklyn district where Yauch grew up.

In it, the lifelong Beastie Boys fan hailed them for having “helped redefine and rejuvenate a city on the ropes”.

The senator said: “Growing up in New York, listening to the Beastie Boys was as basic as carrying an extra subway token in case of emergency.”

by Wallace McTavish


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