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And the top dead celebrity earner is …. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is continuing to make a mint in the afterlife – topping a list of the highest-earning dead celebs.

Jacko – who died in June 2009 – came first in Forbes’ annual countdown of the top deceased earners for the second consecutive year.

His estate amassed a cool AUD $162 million between October 2010 and October 2011 from music sales and his stake in the Sony/ATV catalogue.

However, the legendary singer’s sum total falls short of the previous 12-month spell, during which he earned AUD $270 million.

The Thriller star posthumously beat off competition from runner-up Elvis Presley, who made AUD $52 million, and third-placed Marilyn Monroe, on AUD $26 million.

Other late celebs on the list include U.S. cartoonist Charles Schulz, John Lennon and Elizabeth Taylor, who died in March of heart failure.

Jackson passed away at home in LA after overdosing on prescription medication.

His personal physician Conrad Murray is currently on trial facing charges he caused the singer’s death.

Forbes’ Top Earning Dead Celebrities

1.  Michael Jackson –  AUD $162 million
2.  Elvis Presley –  AUD $52 million
3.  Marilyn Monroe – AUD $ 26 million
4.  Charles Schulz – AUD $23 million
5.  John Lennon – AUD $10.7 million
5.  Elizabeth Taylor – AUD $10.7 million
7.  Albert Einstein – AUD $9.2 million
8.  Theodor Geisel – AUD $8.4 million
9.  Jimi Hendrix – AUD $6.1 million
9.  Stieg Larsson – AUD $6.1 million
9.  Steve McQueen – AUD $ 6.1 million
9.  Richard Rodgers – AUD $6.1 million
13. George Harrison – AUD $5.6 million
13. Bettie Page – AUD $ 5.6 million
13. Andy Warhol – AUD $ 5.6 million

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