An Oasis reunion? “Not this millennium”

With the new Beady Eye album BE dropping last Friday, talk has inevitably turned to one thing: an Oasis reunion.

Oasis reunion

Despite Liam Gallagher stirring the pot by telling NME that he would like to “bury the hatchet” with his brother Noel, former Oasis bassist and current Beady Eye guitarist Andy Bell said the chance of the Brit-pop legends reforming is slim to nowt.

Bell said that while he would like to see his former band get back together, the Gallagher brothers’ tumultuous relationship meant the proposition was highly unlikely. “I’ve got no problem doing it at all. If the Oasis thing came up, I’d be there like a shot,” Bell revealed. “But it’s something that relies on Noel and Liam. I don’t know if it’s likely to happen in this millennium really.”

Bell went on to say that he has no problem with the constant reunion rumours, especially given he still gets asked whether his other former band Ride will ever get back together. “All it really says to me is that people still care about Oasis in the same way that I do occasionally get asked about Ride as well; about whether we’ll reunite” he explained. “To me, I kind of put it in the same category as things I would like to happen.”

While the guitarist has previously ruled out a Ride reunion, Bell said that his take on that possibility has softened. “Ride is more like something that’s on the back-burner where all of us have said ‘Yeah, that’d be really nice to do one day’ but we’re all really busy. We’ve all got lots of things going on; music and other things. It’s something that I don’t wanna leave forever,” he teased. “I think what it is right now is I’ve got unfinished business to work out with Beady Eye and we have to get to a certain point before I’d consider taking a bit of time off from it.”

We may not be seeing an Oasis or Ride tour anytime soon, but Bell has assured that Beady Eye is a lock to play Australia some time soon, having skipped a trip Down Under when they released their debut Different Gear, Still Speeding in 2011. “We’re definitely going to Australia this time, I keep hearing conversations about it,” he said. “We wanted to last time as well but we didn’t. This time we definitely are.”


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