Plain: Simple Wear But Cool Advocacy

The pandemic has given us so much to rethink and reflect about — our systems, routines, lifestyle. Changes never end and of course, we adapt. History is proof of changes, era after era of various trends and innovations. And so, our appetite for new has led to an increase in consumerism (aside from the fact the global population continuously increases, so will consumerism).

And with such an increase in consumerism, there is also an increase in global waste. So much so that it is a continuous fight among environmentalists and governments. Before, the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) was the popular motto but now, it’s zero-waste movement. 

It can be quite difficult to stick to such a lifestyle because we then realize how so much waste is produced in almost every product we need/want. But we can always take small steps first. Small ripples may create big waves of change after all.

The Plain brand, for example, offers plain clothing wear that would be ideal for those who prefer a minimalist lifestyle. It isn’t a local brand (Los Angeles to be exact) but it ships worldwide. At Plain, every purchase will also contribute to tree planting efforts in order to help in saving the environment. It is an attractive advocacy and this kind of shopping experience won’t give buyer’s remorse, that’s for sure.

Many other brands like simple have taken a more green approach and even using CBD products to create fabric and make clothes.

With so many online shopping websites out there, this kind of ecommerce is a bit different — the good kind of different. The tree-planting advocacy ties up well with the brand’s promotion of a minimalist lifestyle. Minimalism is said to help in the environment because it lessens carbon footprint. Most of the products being sold by Plain L.A. are compliant to the minimalist theme of the brand, not just in aesthetic but in function as well.

Aside from simple fashion wear, Plain LA also offers accessories for fashion and iPhone tech. Apparently, the brand is on Facebook, IG, and TikTok so that’s good for checking updates. They also have a news section and blog.


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