6 Jobs That Will Keep You in Shape

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6 Jobs That Will Keep You in Shape

Sedentary jobs are okay for those who don’t mind deskwork. The number of Americans who work behind a desk continues to rise, and there are health risks for sitting too much. Whether you sit behind a desk, wheel or in front of a computer screen, sitting too long can cause health risks similar to smoking and obesity. Moving more and sitting less has tons of health benefits. There are many ways to be more active. Incorporate solo hiking adventures, at-home workouts or housework into your daily routines to stay healthy.

But, if the idea of sitting behind a desk doesn’t appeal to you, here are some jobs that will help keep you in shape.

  1. Security Guard

Most security guard positions don’t take place behind a desk. They often involve patrolling a property in your security guard uniform to deter bad actors and uncover criminal or dangerous activity.

Security guards work at many different types of businesses and facilities like hospitals, retail stores, banks, office buildings, night clubs and many other organizations. Even if you need to monitor cameras, you probably still have to patrol the property, so there are plenty of opportunities to get some exercise. Still, some security guard jobs require more activity than others. Being overweight makes it difficult to perform your duties or defend yourself in violent situations.

  1. Police Officer

Depending on the agency you work for, some police officers are more active than others due to the volume of calls they answer. In departments that answer fewer calls, you may spend more time in your vehicle. Still, police officers are much more active than desk job workers.

Police officers on patrol answer emergency and routine calls that may require them to walk around a school or investigate a large piece of land wearing a law enforcement uniform and carrying many heavy items. If you’re a police officer on a gang unit, drug task force or major crimes investigator, you may work undercover for long hours investigating critical crimes. SWAT team members are probably the most active because they run drills regularly and their job requires more activity in general.

But all police officers must be ready to react in seconds. Besides fighting people they’re trying to arrest, they may have to run after suspects or pull someone from a car crash on the side of the road. Keep in mind, there are many more scenarios that require police officers to be active.

To be a police officer, you’ll likely need to take a physical fitness test. Some agencies require officers to pass a fitness test regularly or they won’t get promotions. It’s a rewarding and tough job, but it will keep you in shape or at least motivate you to work out.

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  1. Firefighter

Firefighters are similar to police officers in that there may be many slow periods, but work can go from 0 to 60 in less than a minute. Firefighters often work 24-hour shifts because when there isn’t a fire, they actually can sleep. But, if you work for a busy fire department, you probably won’t ever get a full night’s rest.

Like police officers, people that want to be a firefighter need to pass a written and physical test that often involves climbing a ladder with 40 to 70 pounds of gear on. And not just any ladder, an engine ladder that extends several stories.

Firefighters need to be physically fit to wear all that gear while fighting fires or carrying an unconscious person out of a building. Many firefighters workout on days off because of the physical requirements of the job.

It’s an exciting job that will help you stay in shape.

  1. Waiter or Waitress

Waiters and waitresses are constantly on the go at work. They run back and forth between the kitchen and customers, serve multiple people at the same time and clean up after closing. The stream of customers never ends. Even when there is downtime, there are plenty of things to clean and restock.

Servers are active for many hours, and they carry heavy trays laden with food and drinks. Being in shape makes this job easier, and if you’re used to a desk job, you may lose a few pounds. Keeping on the move also combats boredom, so it’s a win-win situation.

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  1. Dog Walker

If you want a job that helps you keep in shape and you love animals, then a dog walker might be the perfect active job for you. Dog walkers have become a popular career option because many people need someone to walk their pets while they’re at work.

As a dog walker, you often walk more than one canine at once. You can enjoy strolling through a variety of recreational areas, sidewalks and even hikes in rural parks. For people who would rather be outside than in, a job walking dogs allows just that and helps keep you in shape.

  1. Landscaper

Many young people who love the outdoors start with landscaping jobs, but many older adults love the activity and scenery as well. Landscapers engage in plenty of activity daily, mowing lawns, cutting trees, weeding flower beds and other yard work. They use many heavy tools and sometimes install lighting, cement and water features. This is a great job for people of all experience levels that want to work outside and stay fit.

These are just a couple of jobs that will help you stay in shape and positively impact your overall health. Getting fit reduces your risk of death from certain health conditions and illnesses. Plus, working outside and exercising benefits your mental health as well.


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