5 Reasons Why Men Seek Sex Coaching

5 Reasons Why Men Seek Sex Coaching

Therapy is a terrifying word, be it for your mental health, or worse, for sexual problems. The societal projections on men are so rigid that even when they experience shortcomings, men are afraid of seeking help.

But, with changing times, more and more men are becoming accepting of situations, especially when it comes to their sexual health. We need to realize that the more we talk about this, the easier it becomes to normalize this taboo.

Now, the question comes down to one – Why Do Men Seek Sex Coaching?

Sex coaching for men can help cure Erectile Dysfunction

When discussing erectile difficulties, men can experience three different issues. One that makes it difficult for men to get an erection before intercourse, is that it makes it difficult for them to sustain an erection during sex, and the last one is them having an erection that isn’t strong enough.

Around 5% of men in their 40s experience this issue, the percentage becoming more with age. This condition is also a stress marker in several men. ED also tends to ingrain a fear of sex in several men.

Ejaculation Issues

Another issue that has men seeking a sex coach’s help is with ejaculation issues. Even though ejaculation is a pretty subjective matter and varies from person to person, an average man tends to ejaculate within 5-7 minutes, according to a study.

Premature ejaculation is one of the primary issues behind a man’s lack of self-esteem. Given that there could be a number of reasons behind the condition, seeking professional help can change things for the better.

Lacking Libido

Apart from age, there could be several reasons behind a man’s reduced sexual desire. And, if you are in your late 30s or early 40s, experiencing a lacking libido, it can be a matter of concern, especially if you have a partner who is the complete opposite of you.

Several men tend to often associate heightened sex drive with masculinity, so witnessing the same fizzling away can result in sparks of anxiety and stress.

Wanting The Best for Your Relationship

Often, men don’t seek the help of a sex coach for themselves. They do so to ensure maximum pleasure for their partner. Several men seek professional help from therapists of such kind to learn how to be better lovers.

It could deal with learning better sex skills, or it could even help you talk about your partner’s constraints because of a past traumatic event. You could seek a sex coach to spice up your sexual chemistry with your partner.

Anxiety During Sex can be fixed by hiring a sex coach for men

It is not just women who are stressed during a sexual incident. The kind of pressure men feel in the bedroom is immensely heightened. Guys are often expected to be initiators when it comes to having sex. Not just that, there are so many more expectations of lasting long and hitting the right spots.

And, with so many expectations, being anxious during sex is pretty normal. It also results in feeling disconnected during sex. If you feel like it would benefit you to hire a sex coach for men, check out this list I found on a blog called Maxiwand at this link: https://maxiwand.com/5-best-sex-coaches-for-men.


The reasons behind men seeking the help of a sex coach can be pretty diverse. But these are subjects that you can’t handle yourselves. Talking to a sex coach helps rebuild your confidence in the bedroom and makes everything a better experience for yourself and your partner.


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