Why Adult Chat Is the Safest Option in the Days of Self-Isolation

Why Adult Chat Is the Safest Option in the Days of Self-Isolation

The pandemic put a kink in many people’s sex lives—and not the fun kind of kink. According to some studies, half of the young people are typically single, and this is an extraordinarily difficult time to be single. So, if you had to isolate yourself without your partner or didn’t have one, to begin with, having sex became more complex.

Medical experts are advising people to get creative. Doctors have been coming out in droves to recommend ways to have safe sex until the pandemic is over. Below are some reasons that adult chat is one of the safest ways to have sex right now.

1. No Physical Contact Is Involved

When you look at the safety considerations for in-person sex in the pandemic, the list of what you can’t do is longer than the list of what you can do. You must wear condoms or other barriers and a mask, there’s no kissing and no oral sex since that would involve removing your mask, you have to wash your hands and shower before and after—and you’re still not in the clear, risk-wise. As with everything related to the coronavirus, it would be safer if you could do it outside. But that’s not feasible. Having sex while needing to wear all kinds of safety gear feels less erotic and more like you’re conducting a science experiment. It takes a lot of the fun out of it and highlights the risk. Because of this, medical professionals everywhere have said that “you are your safest sex partner.”

But compounding isolation with masturbating alone feels needlessly punitive, especially when adult chat is at your fingertips. Adult chat means you can find a buddy to self-pleasure with, and it’s a lot more interesting than doing it by yourself. No masks, no condoms, just you and someone hot from the Internet having a little fun.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about even the slightest chance that you will contract the coronavirus.

2. No Risk of STIs

It’s nothing to do with the pandemic, but STIs are always a risk. And they’re not a low risk either. The best estimates show that around twenty percent of people have an STI. Plus, condoms don’t protect against all STIs. Even while wearing one, you could still contract pubic lice, syphilis, HPV, or herpes. When you engage in an adult chat rather than having sex in person, you completely mitigate this risk.

Or, perhaps you have an STI. Adult chat saves you the trouble of having a conversation with someone who might baselessly shame or stigmatize you because of it. You get all the fun of a casual sexual encounter with a stranger rather than rolling the dice to find out whether or not they’re going to be a jerk about your health issue.

Why Adult Chat Is the Safest Option in the Days of Self-Isolation

3. No One Needs to Know

Adult chat is also an emotionally safe way to have sex. Maybe you have a fetish that you want to share with someone, but you always lose your nerve when the time comes. Online, you can find someone who shares your inclinations without worrying about the fate of your future relationship.

Privacy is always a concern when you find adult chat partners online. So, ensure that you only send pictures or videos of yourself that don’t include your face or other identifying features. Find a site that will take your privacy as seriously as you do and verifies the ages of anyone using the site.

Adult chat is one of the safest ways you can explore sexually with a partner. And, it’s a super fun way to connect with someone, especially in the isolating days of the pandemic.


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