Little-Known Ways to Save on Your Australia Travel

Australia is one of the world’s priciest travel destinations but is still visited by tons of tourists every year. The airfare alone can hurt your travel budget, plus the length of the flight will make you realize that a week’s stay in the country is not enough. The truth is, a week is just enough to recover from jet lag.

You might be thinking, is it possible to save on your budget when you travel to Australia? The answer is a quick YES! And it is not as hard as you think. Read on, and you will know the ways to save on your Australia travel and enjoy some online casinos with games like those on Diverjoe casino.

How to get cheap airfare to Australia?

You need to do your homework. Airfare eats the biggest part of your vacation budget when you visit Australia. You can hunt for cheap flights by checking various flight search sites and comparing different offers. Always sign up for fare alerts and get notifications when the prices drop.

You also have to time your visit. Airfare rates are most expensive during December to February, summertime in the country, and the best season to visit the most popular destinations, such as Melbourne and Sydney. The chances of getting lower airfares are during the spring, fall, and winter seasons.

Lastly, you must consider a flight package. Some Australian airlines like Qantas Airways offer a package that includes round-trip tickets to the country plus several domestic flights. This will allow you to see more of Australia for less! However, the prices vary depending on the season and the destinations within the country.

How to plan your trip to Australia?

To plan your trip, first, you have to keep your focus. Remember that Australia is a huge country – about the size of the U.S. continent. It is impossible to visit all the places in the U.S. for two weeks, and the same goes for Australia. If your Australian vacation has a limited time, you must focus on up to two regions only and explore them thoroughly. It will give you a more relaxing experience while saving your time and your vacation dollars.

Consider taking a cruise. It is the most convenient and cost-effective option if you want to see more of Australia without unpacking multiple times. You can find Australian cruises where you don’t have to spend $100 per night, per person. The rate includes transportation from each port, accommodation, entertainment, and meals.

Always look for freebies. There are many attractions and museums in Australia that you can enjoy for free. Brisbane Botanic Garden and Sydney’s Art Gallery of New South Wales are some of them. Free fun never stops, even at the end of your day. If you want something fun to do while you are in your lodging, you can check some online casinos that offer free games.

Purchase a discount card. You can buy an iVenture Card if you want to visit top tourist destinations, such as Tasmania, Melbourne, and Sydney. This card can grant you free entry to various tourist attractions, and it has discounts and special offers, all for a single price. The card can save your money if you are planning to see various sightseeing for a short period.

How to manage your vacation money in Australia?

Pay in advance. Exchange rates constantly fluctuate, mostly not in your favor. The best way to control the cost and to stand in your budget is to pay your airfare, tour packages, and hotel in advance, using your currency. That being said, last-minute fluctuations won’t affect your budget.

Avoid exchange counters. ATM withdrawals and using your credit card will give you the best exchange rates. Exchanging your money through interbank rates offers better rates compared to the exchange bureaus charge. You can find many ATMs around the cities except the most remote villages and towns, and most restaurants and stores accept credit cards.

However, you have to mind the fees as banks charge their clients who withdraw from foreign ATMs or make payments in a foreign currency.

Haggle. It is normal in Australia‘s open-air markets. You can negotiate to get good deals at places like the Bondi Markets, Paddington Markets, and the Rock Markets. These markets are in Sydney.

Get your refund. If you have purchased goods worth AU$300 or more from a single retailer, you can refund the tax you have paid for these goods and services. Ensure that you have the original tax invoice from where you have bought the goods and present it upon departure from the country.

Aside from these, you can also find cheap and free transportation that you can use to get around certain cities. You can also find a lot of cheap eats by following the locals. Moreover, if you want to save on lodging, you may consider hitting the campgrounds and rent an RV and be free to roam around the country while having a comfy place to sleep at night.


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