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10 Best Sex Blogs & Adult Bloggers in Australia

1. Clitical

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Clitical is the most popular sex blog in Australia! Since over 10 years, it provides Australians with the best adult lifestyle articles, tips on how to use adult toys, and original erotic stories.

For more info, visit clitical.com

2. The Rackup

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The Rackup is an Australian men blog with a popular section about adult topics like sex toys, relationships, and dating. This Australian sex blogger has been writing articles since 2012, and published over 300 blog posts on his blog.

For more info, visit therackup.com

3. Oz Finder

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Oz Finder is a lifestyle blog and a comparison website with many categories including sections related to sex toys, dating, relationships, and lifestyle. You will find a lot of reviews about sex toys, sex shops, and other adult products.

For more info, visit ozfinder.com.au

4. Zap Zap

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Zap Zap is a blog related to sexuality, dating, and sex toys. They are currently accepting guest blog posts from Australian sex bloggers. You can submit your high-quality guest posts about sex toys and they will publish it free of charge.

For more info, visit zapzap.com.au

5. Wixi

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Wixi.com.au is a sex blog in Australia with interesting sex shop reviews, sex toys reviews, and articles about sex and relationships in general. It has a great modern design which makes it quite fun to read and easy to navigate.

For more info, visit wixi.com.au

6. Blogify

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Blogify.com.au is a blog created by a group of Australian sex bloggers that all contribute new articles regularly. They talk about topics related to sexuality, as well as sex toys, vibrators, and tips make your sex life more fun and have better relationships.

For more info, visit Blogify.com.au

7. Maxiwand.com

8. Kika.com.au

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