Who will marry and rear children in the future?

Why is it this century we need to change our ways about marriage and child care?

Marriage was a sacrament, a holy union blessed by God between two people…a man and a woman. Children were a gift which gave parents a chance to build a future together.

Nowadays marriage is a soon to be legal union between same sexes with the possibility of adopting or insemination to provide children not to childless  women, but to men.

If you are a rich homosexual it is possible to buy a family. Even rich film stars enlarge the families by adoptions.

Do we need to change this law, or accept that marriage as a concept is finished?

How will children of the future react to same sex parents?

Children who have been adopted by money, will they feel secure and what of the adoptees of poorer selected children.

The need for same sex marriage backed by the changed law, shows a weakness.

If you want to live together homosexual or heterosexual there is no need to enforce a law change.  But marriage is a religious commitment, and nowhere in the bible does it permit same sex marriage.

So you look to have a civil ceremony…Why?

To bring up children?

In a hundred years time marriage will cease to exist, children will be reared by individual people of any sex, how will they feel?

How will they live? What belief can they accept?

Everyone who votes for this law change and every politician who proposes the changes, will be responsible for a bleak future.

Where is the sense of a sixty something musician and his younger partner bringing a baby into the world.  Before the child starts work they could both be dead. Are they doing it for themselves, or publicity for one sex marriages and adoptions?

Who will pay in the future…

by Helmut Flint


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