When she opens her laptop, she’s opening her legs

More and more married women are having whirlwind romances.

A recent survey says that a married woman’s dream, is of passionate, no-strings sex with a stranger.

With the help of the internet, it’s easy to find a like-minded married man. Just wait until your (probably over-worked and over-nagged) husband is asleep, go into another room, and open your laptop. In a way, you might just as well be opening your legs.

You can scroll through scores of pictures of people with one thing in common…they wanted an extra-marital affair.

You may love your husband, and your husband may love you, but unfortunately, you are not going have that special feeling which happens at the start of most relationships.

The sex may stop and then, all of a sudden, the talking stops…which makes it even more difficult to talk to each other about the marital problems that you may or may not be having.

The website Illicit Encounters, offers frustrated married people the chance to hook up….and there’ll always be men to do just that. Of course, it will be an ego boost, but in hindsight, you may have wished that you’d nutted out that long overdue conversation you wish you’d had with your husband ages ago.

But, as with the internet, it’s easy to go off in a fantasy world…and easy to fall for someone with just words. And if you think you’re just meeting up for casual sex, then that’s exactly what it is…in the beginning…but that can change just all too quickly.

The sex will be amazing, the naughtiness will be amazing, the talking afterwards will be amazing and the cuddling will be amazing…all the things that you crave from your husband.

All of a sudden, you fall for this ‘internet guy, and you think about leaving your husband for him. The strain gets too much at home, you tell your husband, he forgives you (not 100%) and what’s to give it one more go. You find it’s not working because you are so in love with you ‘lover’, so you and your husband get divorced.

Here comes the bit that I know you’re all expecting…you then find out that your lover isn’t in love with you and wants to go back to his family.

You end up with no husband, and no lover.

But hey, you’re a woman, so take some pleasure from the fact that you’ve at least got the house, and your over-worked ex-husband will be even more over-worked to pay for most of what you need (and don’t need for that matter).

That’s right, you really fucked your life up, but you fucked your husbands life up way more.

I must ask David Attenborough if there is any connection between women and reptiles. Come on…I don’t even think a crocodile is as cold as a 21 century woman.

by Jeff Millins

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