Would YOU vote for a Royal Republic?

I have to admit the Brits know how to do the pomp and ceremony bit.

The Queen has done a wonderful job over the past sixty years. Here in our paradise of a country we have been proud to see the celebrations. Shame about the rain and cold weather in flaming June in the UK.

Phil has taken to his bed to watch the show on television, but the Monarch soldiered on.

Should we be a republic after watching the rich and noble parade by in procession?

They say the Queen pays her way by bringing in thousands of visitors to the UK. How much do you think the last four days cost the average person in Britain? Who actually benefited in cash terms from all the visitors? Polly in Paisley, Bertie in Birmingham, or Larry in London.

Dukes and Earls in the church, Lords and Ladies sitting down to tea. The historic Thames looked abandoned by docks and dockers. Barges not full of coal for the power stations, but  cold and wet visitors.

The Royals can put on a show to prove to the world how wonderful and historic Britain once was and they do it better than any other country in the world could possibly provide.

I was genuinely proud of the old mother country. But did it persuade me that Royal is better than republic? Will visitors to Australia make me richer, or only the shopkeepers?

Could I afford to keep all the near Royal hangers on who seem to travel first class, stay at the best hotels and have an entourage of ladies in waiting and chefs and butlers, dressers and buddies?

If we could have the Queen to ourselves and get rid of the posh and privileged, I say yes, bring it on. The Queen is worth her weight in gold. She does a great job, is dedicated and professional.

A Royal republic with the Queen and of course Kylie and Rolf.

I would vote for that any day.

by TOG



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