Women in the media love to wave their arms about

I know you are going to say I am a sexist or racist, but I am trying to understand the current coverage of the dramas reported in the news at the moment.

I need to tell you I am a senior citizen over seventy years of age. I also have a slight hearing problem – so what is my beef with the so called expert reporters, columnists, writers and other sundry people in the media?

Well here goes…all, or nearly all the men, report the news and give their views. Some expertly and some guessing what is going on, backed up with graphs and statistics which are seldom accurate. But they sit or stand with their hands motionless and speak slowly, enabling us old, slower, aging individuals to understand what is being said.

Women who talk with their hands

Then there are the ladies who cannot utter a single word without waving their hands, arms, upper bodies and heads in an alarming fashion. This completely distracts from what they are saying and leaves the elderly unable to concentrate on what they are attempting to divulge – some also blink their eyes after every word.

Is it asking too much for the females to actually remain static and not behave like Tic Tac bookmakers at the races?




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