Why can’t parents stop their children who bully?

I was reading an article about a sixty year old man with a mental age of ten…he was bullied to death.

He lived with his mother who is ninety years of age and has spent her life looking after her son. Did I  mention the bullies were all juveniles?

YES…schoolboys and teenagers.

How is it possible for the neighbours and relatives, not to have been able to stop the crime against this mental repressed man? We see bullying in schools and still cannot stop the problem. Why are parents not able to stop their children from ruining other childrens’ lives? And why are they not culpable in law?

So what happened in this case? The mother complained to the police more than forty times. The Health Authority must have known about the situation and yet failed to save this man’s life.

A court case found the man had died due to bullies causing him pain and anxiety over many years, but could not name anyone as the guilty person. I find it sad when handicapped people are picked out for special  attention by  vindictive, supposedly more intelligent, hooligans.

In Australia we have mateship.

This is taught in our schools and backed up by the buddy systems and just ordinary  well brought up schoolchildren with good manners.

The article I read was about a man in Manchester in the UK.

Not a third world country, not a country steeped in violent murderous anarchy. This is country widely held to be a paragon of all that is best  in style and manners.

Perhaps these bullies learned something from their despicable behaviour. Maybe not, but we certainly should.

Merry Christmas

by TOG


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