Who is on the side of the pensioner?

With Australian pensions becoming reduced due to new rules, which will apply on January 2017, I ask are we not entitled to a pension?

At the end of World War 2, a great number of troops were coming home and it was a time of growth – the population was expanding. People turning away from a Europe of poverty and rationing, looked towards a new life here in our beautiful country.


Politicians promised a life for the people who would have government guarantees protection from the cradle to the grave – protected jobs, security, free health care and a pension.

Times change, and capitalism means cut backs and saving.

There were jobs for everyone,paying taxes and were not drawing benefits.

Times change – next year you will have to fill in a form stating what you have saved and invested over the years towards your retirement.

Even your Super Annuation and savings in the bank is considered before a decision is made on how much your pension will be reduced.

For those ex-pats, the UK pension will reduce by how much your Australian pension entitlement will be slashed. Brexit UK, and they still will not raise the ex-pats pension.

Now, here at home the rules change and the pension goes down.

Politicians earn enormous salaries and even higher pensions.

They may not need the money, but rest assured the elderly are not happy.

Come the next time we vote, be sure you will receive our answer.

by TOG


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