Where are YOU going when you die?

As I get older and closer to the final curtain.  I spend time considering where do we go when we die.

Now take our new leaders, if they don’t believe in God, where do they go?. Where do communists go?

Sinners of course must be punished, but unbelievers, what happens to them? Jehjovah’s Witnesses of course are  a law unto themselves. They have their own special, separate space that only they can claim.

Alone in life and alone in death, it seems a shame to be so unsociable, cut off from your previous families.

Suicides are different , they must wait in God’s waiting room until their own circumstances are explained to them. Babies also should have direct access to the Almighty.

What about Muslims and Bhuddists, Krishnas, and Maoists…do they have a different house with many rooms, which Christians look foreward to?

Is their life after death or do we return as born again fools destined to make the same mistakes again and again.

Possibly this is the reason we  continue to make war on each other.

Religion gives us faith, something to  look ahead to with hope. I’ve decided now, it must be very sad to be an unbeliever. Where do they go, the answer must be, who cares…I would rather live in a country with faith and hope than an Australia without  a past and a future.

by TOG


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