What has TOG been up to for the past 6 months?

After so many emails from my Ozzie News readers asking where I have been for the past six months, I feel it is only justice if I come clean on my sojourn.

I was asked to help create a guest room-come playroom for my grandchildren out of a worn out garage. Now, building, construction and the painting is easy. But to design the space was a nightmare. Simple things like bedding, involved discussions and meetings…similar to a government tribunal, or even Royal commission.

I've been assisting on a major project with a garage extensionSofa bed, day bed, single or double bed, divan or beds with drawers underneath, four-poster or even two single beds or bunk-beds.

Imagine the discussions on blinds or curtains. Do you want privacy of blinds or the style of plush curtains?

Would you decide on a wet room or a shower room…even just a plain sink and toilet?

The music, TV and DVD entertainment section was a mine field. Again, would you decide on relaxing armchairs or a settee and games like table tennis and pool? I did say it had been a garage and not a two story conversion?

Space was so tight that we had to develop the Japanese system of space control. Above the bed, the entertainment section was bolted to the ceiling.

The bed folded away during the day against a wall. Comfy chairs had wheels so as to be moved into the toilet when not in use! The final solution looked like a room in the pool hall next to the loo, located in a Japanese mini-break hotel.

When it was finished everyone involved agreed, ‘we should rip it out and start again’.

I decided to come back to work. I told my fellow workers I had been sky diving and racing down the rapids, and even swimming with sharks…although I did manage a mini cruise.

All of these alternatives were less stressful than designing a garage space.

The news while I was away was good and dreadful, with the rape of a seven year old child in India, multiple rape on a bus in India and children murdered in a school in the USA.

It seems after fifty years nobody knew what Jimmy Saville was doing.

Pollies making personal attacks on each other…whats new there!

Bush fires again devastating Aussie homes…so where was the good news?

Our tipster almost tipped the Cup winner, but unfortunately, being drawn in Moonies bar in Perth, gave the other horses a head start.

We have at least a fair chance of an Oscar as so many of our stars have been nominated.

The Aussie dollar is now worth hundreds of US dollars, so we can afford to visit Las Vegas and come home with bundles of cash.

Thank goodness the weather has cooled down/ I have saved so much money not going out for a sauna. The UN says it is because of climate out of control. I spent the money saved on saunas on the electric bills…that reminds me, is the carbon-tax working yet. There doesn’t seem to be any money coming in to the budget.

And why are there so many yanks in Darwin? Has Julia sold part of Australia to the USA as well as the basic amenities to China?

Nice to be back, must rest now as the kids are asking for an indoor pool in the garage/restroom.

Only two weeks and they are back to school…hooray!

by TOG


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