Voice another TV rip-off – trash for the masses

What are the demographics of terrestrial television in Australia?

Who do you think watches TV the most?

Is it under tens, pursuing new directions?

Under fifteens twittering about a nineteen year old singer on Voice…under thirties watching the block and food an kitchen programmes…under forties watching Pop Idol…Do you think Australia’s Got Talent is a top programme for over forties, or is Dancing With The Stars a pensioners choice?

Or should there be a change from ripping off  shows by just changing the name?

The Voice is just another reality show. Gone are the great entertainers, stars who could, act, sing, dance, do impressions, and write and perform comedies.

Television programmes today follows the formula ‘ if it works change the name and copy it as often as possible’.

Reality shows by any name are a cheap form of so called trash for the masses.

Please give the over forties and over fifties real plays and dramas, comedy series with fine comedians, singers who don’t warble on and on but actually sing the words.

We don’t need to import television shows from the USA and the UK…we can make and produce our own rubbish.

Give our own stars a chance to shine…we already have the best actors and actresses in movies.  As an example are Geoffrey Rush and  Kate Blanchett

Give us a fair go !

by TOG


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