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The rules of law must apply

Do you remember before the Olympics in London huge riots and unrest spreading to other UK cities?

Now we are seeing killings and riots across the Middle East. Why, you must ask, is there so much mayhem?

I’m afraid there will always be an element of trouble makers, and those who seek to gain from unrest. Looters and thieves will take the chance of gaining from the trouble. Terrorists will take advantage of the lack of government control to advance their ideas. Stupid people, who make videos attacking the beliefs of those who only want peace, are used to fuel the troubles.

What can we learn from the past and from the Londoners who have a history of dealing with rioters?

The answer is to use the laws of the land. Governments in the Middle East must bring in their police authority and prosecute the ring leaders.

Embassies in foreign countries should not be using their own soldiers and security forces to hit back at the trouble makers. Local governments can imprison the ring leaders by the using the laws and judiciary as a warning to others that society is prepared to uphold the rights of its citizens and foreign visitors.

The rules of law must apply. We all have the freedom of speech, but with it come responsibility and repercussions.

The USA must stay calm and let the governments of Libya and Yemen do their job in arresting the culprits.

by TOG

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