The Old Git moans about…


Technology in Australia leads the world in many ways especially medicine. It is time we increased our research into saving the planet and cutting toxic emissions.

A cross country hover type monorail running on a single track and using solar energy would eliminate domestic routes of airliners. For every plane we stop from flying over Australia we make valuable cuts in deadly emissions. Domestic airports would remain for flights to mines and doctor and hospital services and essential services.

Monorails need only high rail constructions which allow passage for cattle and wildlife, and need no junctions to pass over roads and country tracks. Trains in Europe and Japan now travel at speeds in excess of 200 miles per hour. With new technology trains are traveling faster then ever before. Times from Perth to Eastern states could be achieved in less than six hours, and traveling on a cushion of air reduces friction and once in motion speeds can be quickly accelerated.

I can accept the premise that stopping all flights across Australia, would drastically reduce pollution and help the environment.

But defraying the costs against savings on fuel imports may not add up! Long term, our reliance on oil which will run out in the future, does suggest looking for alternatives. So I’m on your side in terms of saving the planet, but is there another way of using solar energy to benefit our use of planes, trains and automobiles.

Solar energy is possible with our climate, and we are not far away from power batteries being reduced in size to manageable levels. The costs could also be possible by the savings on importing fuel, and selling on more of the fuel we no longer need.

International airports would still be open to flights from abroad, but no longer crossing Australia. In time cargo carrying trucks and even our everyday motorists will be able to use solar energy, when traveling interstates.

We need development and research, its time for Australia to be creative and imaginative.  Does Labor really mean to move ahead?


No wedding, no kids, no religion but encouraged to work harder.

If our lovely redhead had three children under five, she would already know what working hard means to the ordinary voter.

Why are all the journalists named Luke, who ask Tony questions?  His answers to all the questions start ‘ now Luke… ‘

I am beginning to wish we were back with Howard, Hawke, even the lizard. Do we have leaders or are they school teachers talking to naughty children.

I’m getting old, thank god (I’m still allowed to mention God, aren’t I?).


Just when I thought another great television series, drama, comedy, lovely story lines, terrific acting…and yes you guessed it…

Doc Martin, last of the series, and no more planned in the future.

Well its back to the biggest loser…that’s you and me, losing out on another programme worth watching.


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