The Old Git moans about…TV


A personal view.

Is it only me, or do all TV presenters learn to giggle and talk at exhaustingly high speed.  Besides talking over each other and especially over any guests. They ask a question and before and answer is completed they talk over them  and change the subject.

Traffic and weather persons are the worst. Trying to get as many words out per second so as to confuse anyone over the age of three.

Many of the presenter duos seem to be having a private joke, without letting us in on the secret.

TV today in Australia is giggle and gabble..

Have you noticed how many cooking shows there are now, and weight loss, and models, and reality shows. Are there no longer entertainers who can act, sing, be funny, or is it only  X factor  and Pop Idol?

How did the stars of yester year achieve fame…maybe it was talent…


Australia has always been a firm exponent of mateship. We remember two world wars and various disputes when pulling together was our greatest gift to humanity…that and a good sense of humour…and stubborness.

Sticking together and helping a friend , or anyone in need of our own form, of courage and support.

We are justly proud of mateship, and rightly so,  lest we forget those who gave up their lives so that we can keep up the tradition.

Why then is there bullying in schools. Mugging of our elderly…and violence in our streets.

We can blame the school system,  not  protecting our children. The police for not keeping the streets more free of crime.

Fighting on the sportsfield, lack of sportsmanship, poor parenting. Judges who do not prosecute to the full extent of the law.

All excuses, or symptoms of a disease permeating our society….the reasons for bad behaviour is us !

Have we forgotten mateship, the over-riding basis of Australian society, to help our neighbour, protect those less powerful than ourselves? Don’t we all hate bullies, detest those who rob the poor and elderly?

As it says on all the monuments, to those who new the way, lest we forget. Its time for us to say NO, and time for the government to take a lead on the way society should be moving forward.


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