The next time it’s the end of the world…sit back and have a smoko

I used to be a witness but gave it up after three explicit dates for the end of the world came and went, without a single flash of lightning or a thunder bolt…and then went back to smoking.

Last weekend I waited up in anticipation of some strange phenomenon of people disappearing into the clouds. The streets filled with empty clothes as naked bodies flew up into the sky.

I used to be a believer in the weird old guy with his own radio station in the USA, who said last weekend we would see the end of the world.

Now it’s back to the Bible and the Old Testament quotes of “you know not the time or the hour”.  

The old mothers’ sayings are the best:

Don’t cross knives or put your feet on the table.

Don’t stand on a spar or sit on a rail.

It never rains but it pours.

If you can’t say something good say nothing at all.

How do these religious sects or fanatical preachers exist in the modern days? Do they have sense?

We look at the past and claim divine retribution is near. Who says so? Who are these nuts?

Holy men of today say homosexuality is wrong and is forbidden in the Bible. But in those far away times, Jews (who it’s said wrote the books of the Bible) married their own kin and had more than one wife, and when times changed, obeyed their leaders and divorced wives who were not Jewish.

Nothing changes except leaders telling us what to do when it suits their purposes. 

Is the end of the world near? Well it’s about time after all we could not do much worse to our planet.

With holes in the space above our heads and pollution from nuclear power plants pouring waste into the seas…what do our leaders suggest is the answer? Yes…of course…put a tax on it!

All the taxes in the world doesn’t stop people smoking.

If the nut was Roman or even a Samurai…when predictions didn’t happen, they would throw themselves on their swords.

Look if it doesn’t happen on the next prediction, I command you all to sit down and take a puff or two and contemplate the clouds over head. See if you can see an elephant or maybe a dragon…and after a while you will see the world in a completely different light.

Who cares what some nut or strange sect is saying about our world.

Just sit back…relax, and go with the flow.

by TOG


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