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The 13th rant – a look into the 21st century

Russia is having a strange troubled start to the year 2013.

The concrete cover at Chernobyl is starting to crack up. Then meteors drop down causing damage to six cities, injuring over a thousand people and damaging more than three thousand homes. The cost is estimated in millions.

Since the break-up of the Old Russian states, financial problems are beginning to cause the old bear a time of hardship. The fringe states have gold and oil as well as many mineral ore mines which bring in money and investments. It looks like there could be more hard times ahead for the Russian people.

Chernobyl 25 years later

The French seem to be taking the lead in space technology for the European countries. With most European countries pleading poverty and making budget cuts, the French have shown they can explore space and make and launch rockets. Their latest adventure is to build a nuclear power station in southern UK. They will then set the charges for UK customers’ power-bills. Who exactly owns the UK…the French or the Germans?

Germany has the purse strings, so along with India and China, they will become leaders in the twenty first century.

Threats of war over the next twenty years seem to be pointing towards Israel, Iran and Korea. But we should be careful as China flexes its muscles to see if any countries will support Japan’s rights over the seas to which it lays claims. There’s a big difference between poor mountain countries rooted in the past and an industrial country like Japan.

The USA, after years of overseas conflict is going to feel the backlash in financial terms as it has to pay the price of its war machine. The Americans could find themselves taking a back seat in world affairs this coming century. Insularity will be their watchword. Defence cuts a must for the USA.

Will no one save Syria from mass murder? Australia has many friends and their word is their bond, but we have to be careful not to be drawn into conflicts which do not have our best interests at heart.

With strong minerals and future promises of oil wealth, we can expect growth in the standards of living and population.

Religion will be a dramatic explosion this century. But if Muslims continue their growth, backed up by aggression, we can expect many more deaths. Christians will see growth once the control of the clergy is rigorously applied, Africa will not expand its level of influence as long as their democratic governments are seen as corrupt.

The biggest danger over the next fifty years is the enormous amount of money gained from drugs. It will cause the decay of family life, destruction of the law and downfall of many good men. Only by United Nations control of militia and police forces, directed at the problem, will we see some final end to this disease which is killing the youth of the future.

The over powerful Australian dollar will slow us down for the near future, but our strength is in our mineral wealth.

Gay marriages and adoptions is a major concern this century. By 2100, family life as we know it now, could be leading us all to break downs in our personal lives. Marriage is the foundation of our society…without it the future is bleak.

Remember the warnings about drugs in sport not being the main danger to the game…but it’s the gambling on results which leads to the demise of the game. The last few weeks we have seen a major soccer game destroyed by the referee. The referee has no skills is not paid the same as the players or managers, but can affect the result without scoring a goal.  Fans pay enormous sums to go to the game. Tickets for the family, programmes, food and drinks…they go to see a fair game and a fair result. Those who gambled on the result and backed the away team have pocketed their winnings due to a decision made by the referee. Spanish teams in the past few years have had players on opposing teams sent off in the final stages of the competition. Strange results decided by the referees?

Forget drugs and concentrate on gambling on big games and protect the fans…or all sports will suffer and decline. It’s time to ban all gambling on sport other than horse and dog racing. What do you think about betting on top matches, like tennis, cricket and football?

Finally, a major danger from Euro-ville – Any decision by a government which enables them to pass laws which permit them to take money from your bank account is disastrous. If they can do it to Cyprus they can do it anywhere…even Australia. It sounds like a German dictatorial edict from the past. Perhaps they would like to see a run on the banks. It could prove effective for the German economy and it will cause a massive decline in the Yankee dollar.

Watch share prices over the next few months.

by TOG

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