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So bored with Australian coverage of US election

Am I the only one in Australia to be overwhelmingly bored stiff with the television coverage of the US election?

Do I care who is competing for the presidential race?


Bad manners, diatribe, accusations, rigging,  criminal threats…these are only a few of the  digs at the opponents.

The whole affair is a nightmare, a soap opera, and it degrades the America.

But far worse, it is on Australian Television day after day as if I care a damn. Give me a bit of peace and if this goes on until finally in March someone actually gets inaugurated.

Well, by then some actual news will take its place.

Perhaps Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will have sex changes, snow at the south pole, sharks seen in the sea, Australia in deficit, Socceroos win the soccer World Cup…well…you never know…

Too late – I have sold the TV.

by TOG

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